Rainer Hughes

Our Values

We believe that a practice which stands by high values should, by the same token, stand by its Clients and its staff. We therefore ensure that both receive a satisfying and rewarding experience while they are with us. We actually practice our values instead of just professing them and it is to this commitment that we owe our successes and the loyalty of our Clients and our staff.


Being a firm with high values and with our commitment to them we may not be perfect but these qualities do at least demonstrate that we have integrity .  As a strong believer in values and with our respect for Clients and staff we aim to stand by our word and act fairly and honestly in all our dealings.


We are well aware of the need to achieve the best possible results for our Clients and that we are accountable to them for what we do. Our experienced staff therefore ensure that there is a thorough assessment of each and every matter before we implement any kind of strategy. We stand by you throughout the duration of your matter, thereby giving you confidence and continuity.


For us excellence is not something to aim for.  It is a requirement.  Our values and our continuing assessment of our Clients’ needs help us to achieve high standards in what we do.  It is attention to detail and our desire to succeed that makes us different.