Rainer Hughes

John Machnicki


‘Having found myself in a place I never thought I would be in; John was my saviour. From the moment he walked in, he did not let give up on me. Thank you for your professionalism and uncompromising commitment’

- Mr M client


John is an exceptional Criminal Consultant who has worked with Rainer Hughes since its inception in 2006.

He is a retired Senior Police Officer having spent over 30 years with the Metropolitan Police retiring in 2000. During his time with the Police, he was involved in dealing with all aspects of serious and major crime. Investigating crimes and persons involved in murders, robbery, rape and fraud and other offences.

He was also instrumental in developing procedures for officers dealing with Major Critical Incidents for which he was highly commended. Prior to his time as a Police Officer, John spent 18 months with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) teaching on a mission station in Papua New Guinea and also worked in the Financial Sector in the City of London.

On leaving the Police he has worked with Rainer Hughes as a consultant. He attends Police Stations and advises clients on matters involving serious allegations. John deals with complex matters, giving advice in a manner which all clients understand, with all options clearly and concisely explained.

On a number of occasions he has obtained resolutions and decisions which have prevented the Police and CPS from taking matters beyond the initial attendance of clients.

He brings to the Firm tremendous experience of police procedures and knowledge of the law. He also assists in developing strategies with Solicitors and attends conferences with counsel.

John also attends HMRC compliance interviews, working alongside our VAT and Excise team.

He has been involved with clients in bankruptcy interviews and attended meetings involving The Insolvency Service.


Client G

John has the experience and knowledge to deal with the most complex criminal matters in an efficient and productive way. Thank you for ensuring success in my case, without your Prescence at the very beginning, the result would have not been the same.

Client R

John Machnicki is a professional asset to the Criminal Solicitors at Rainer Hughes. He anticipated and prepared us for every stage of the processes. Thank you for the great result!

Mr. B

John’s knowledge and experience only became apparent to me when we had our case review meeting. He understood the procedure and was able to look at my case from both sides of the fence. Without his swift input, the team would have not been able to stop the police action against me.