Rainer Hughes

Sanjay Panesar

Senior Partner

“Rainer Hughes' boutique litigation team is proficient in handling matters, which are often high-value matters related to tax. Key figures in the team include the 'professional, commercial and pragmatic' Sanjay Panesar”

- Legal 500


Sanjay began his career at Manches in Central London and qualified in 2002.

Sanjay joined Gill & Co in 2002 and became head of the civil and criminal departments. During his four years at Gill & Co Sanjay honed his skills in both criminal and civil matters and built up a reputation as a tactician and achiever of excellent results for clients. During his later years at Gill & Co Sanjay secured clients within the cash and carry sector and grew this field of expertise.

In 2006 Sanjay set up his own practice and has steadily built it up to the niche practice that it is today, specialising in commercial litigation, especially in VAT/Excise matters, dealing with many condemnation proceedings, restoration proceedings, appeals to the tax tribunal and judicial reviews.

Sanjay is currently one of the leading experts in the country in VAT/Excise matters and has dealt with many of the more recent leading authorities, of which have resulted in success in the Court of Appeal. He is acclaimed by clients and has worked closely with some of the finest Queens Counsel in the Country for over 10 years.

Sanjay is also a specialist in criminal matters in which he has achieved many outstanding results for his clients because of fast reaction in clients matters and putting into place tactics up to and including trial. He has for many of his clients achieved success before trial with prosecutors taking no further action in a variety of criminal matters.

Sanjay is renowned for his keen eye to detail on matters and takes a very pro-active approach to litigation, Sanjay excels in negotiations and achieves excellent results for clients even in the more difficult matters that he conducts both criminal and civil.

Sanjay leads all the VAT and Excise matters and settles strategy and tactics before cases are sent for Judicial Review.

Key Experience

Acted on behalf of a UK Premier league football club in successfully quashing criminal convocations against the owners.

Sucessful Notable Cases

  • Eastenders Cash & Carry & Ors and HMRC (Court of Appeal) Elias LJ, Mummery LJ and Davies LJ January [2012] EWCA Civ15, LTL 20/01/2012 Also referred to in the Convenience Magazine and “pending” publication within “The Times” and Tax Journal.
  • R (on the application of (1) Superbrew (Europe) Limited & Ors and (2) Bristol Crown Court and (3) HMRC [2011] EWHC 1899 (Admin), [2011] S.T.I 2376, LTL 17/8/2011
  • G S Wines Limited and HMRC (Administrative Court, Royal Courts of Justice) (2011) Wyn Williams J (CO/12109/2011) (pending substantive Trial, interim relief granted)
  • Eastenders Cash & Carry Plc and HMRC (First Tier Tribunal) 2011 Judge Brannan [TC/2011/1851]
  • Eastenders Cash and Carry and HMRC – receiver’s costs (2012) (Underhill J) [2012] EW Misc 6 (CCrimC). Please see article printed by Mr. Jonathan Fisher Q.C (Devereux Chambers) “Analysis Eastenders Cash & Carry: Lessons Learnt” 10 June 2011 in the tax journal
  • Windsor and Ors and CPS (2011) (Court of Appeal) (Hooper LJ, Openshaw J and Sir Geoffrey Grigson) [2011] EWCA Crim 143, [2011] 1 WLR. 1519; [2011] 2 Cr. App R 7;2011] Lloyds’s Rep. F.C 204; LTL 23/2/2011, Times, March 3, 2011. Please see to article printed by Mr. Jonathan Fisher Q.C (Devereux Chambers) “Analysis Eastenders Cash & Carry: Lessons Learnt” 10 June 2011 in the tax journal.
  • Windsor and Ors and CPS (2011) Central Criminal Court Mackay J [2011]
  • Windsor and Ors and HMRC (2011) Administrative Court (Divisional Court) (President of the Administrative Court and Kenneth Parker J) [2011] EWHC 411 (Admin)
  • Regina and Atwal ex p Barking Magistrates’ Court (2009) Administrative Court (Criminal Division) [2009] EWHC 3862 (Admin), LTL 22/10/2010
  • Regina and Sandhu (Preston Crown Court) HHJ Russell Q.C. (2011)
  • Regina and Atwal (2010) Snaresbrook Crown Court


Andy Carroll Professional Football Player

Thank you very much Sanjay excellent result I am impressed

Kevin Nolan Professional Football Player

Provides clear and consistent advice with an eye on the goal

Mark Curtis Licensed Football Agent

Sanjay, thank you for your help and professional advice. I thoroughly recommend you as my Solicitor of choice.

James Tomkins Professional Football Player

I have known Sanjay for nearly 2 years now and we connected straight away. Not only Sanjay represented me, but he has also been a friend during this time. Sanjay’s hard work and enthusiasm was the reason why I was connected to him. It has been a pleasure to know such a nice man! Thanks Sanjay.