Rainer Hughes

Exploring the Values Needed to Bring You Unprecedented Success in the UK’s Legal Arena

Rainer Hughes provides an overview of what their team stands for

To be good requires a specific set of standards, but to be excellent to such a degree that the wider market, including your competitors, consider you to be one of the best in the field, especially if the field is so highly competitive like the UK legal field, requires something exceptional. To the team at the leading law firm in the UK, Rainer Hughes, it is about more than the values they stand for but their success is also the result of their passionate commitment to upholding these values in every action they take daily.

“We are very fortunate to have a team on board who are all highly committed to the success of our law firm. These are all individuals who are all experts in a specific niche field and who can collaborate effectively on cases to bring forth the best results for our clients. Our team is very proud of our values and as it serves as an inspiration for all on board, it becomes much easier to live up to the expectations that we’ve set for ourselves,” says a senior partner at Rainier Hughes, Sanjay Panesar.

Panesar then explains that there are three pillars to their success. Integrity is at the top of the list as the firm always set high values for themselves and believes that integrity is the key to success in business, the law and in life. Every member on this team understands the importance to treat everyone from clients to co-workers and competitors with the utmost respect.

“There are far too many people today who hate to take accountability for their actions. We believe that you should always remember that every action or the lack thereof will have consequences and it is vital that you are prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions. It is why we consider accountability as a feature of a leader in any field. Even in our private lives, we promote accountability as the key to success,” Panesar expands.

Lastly, this team also stands for excellence. If you are not committed to completing any task you take on with achieving excellence in mind and then doing all you can to achieve this excellence, you are merely wasting your time and, in our case, acting disrespectfully towards your co-workers and clients. Thus, they believe that what you do, do it to the best of your ability and it is this attitude that drives them to remain ahead of the competition, making them the best law firm in the UK.