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Rainer Hughes Explains What Constitutes as Domestic Abuse

Recent statistics indicate a rise in the number of cases

Recently the latest domestic abuse statistics for the UK brought about an increased level of concern regarding this matter as it indicated a rise in the number of domestic abuse cases of 6% over the past year. While the number of reported cases has shown a significant increase, it wasn’t the only statistic that is a cause for concern. The number of calls to the national domestic abuse helpline also surged by 22%.

The team at Rainer Hughes is proud of their reputation of being one of the leading domestic abuse solicitors in the UK and they offered to share an overview of what kind of actions would all fall under domestic abuse.

“The most important fact to understand when it comes to domestic abuse is that it can take on a wide range of forms. While the legislation does provide certain terms to identify various actions that would fall under domestic abuse, these are not the only offences you can be a victim of and still have a legit domestic abuse case against a perpetrator,” says Sanjay Panesar, a senior partner at Rainer Hughes.

Panesar then expands on the list of actions that the law qualifies as domestic abuse. The list includes physical, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse. Then harassment and stalking would also fall into this category along with online or digital abuse and coercive control. The law states that coercive control is present when there is a visible pattern that involves degradation, intimidation and isolation with the intent to control another. This control can also manifest in a manner when the offender uses threats of sexual or physical abuse to gain control over a person.

“Our team of solicitors who specialises in domestic abuse cases includes the highest qualified legal experts that are all highly skilled to provide victims with the support and care they need during this vulnerable time in their lives. However, this is only possible as we are so passionate about what we are doing and to support our clients, victims of abuse, in such a manner so that they can take back control over their lives.,” Panesar says.

Their team will help you to follow the necessary processes to gain access to the kind of immediate protection you would need while they also work with their clients on a long-term plan to follow the correct legal procedures and to use it to their benefit. Once a client reaches out to their Family Protection team, they will immediately assess your situation and ensure that you get the support you need.

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