Rainer Hughes

Scams And Frauds

Illegal use of our name

It has come to our notice that there are a number of illegal scams in operation where the name of Rainer Hughes and/or the names of our lawyers are being abused.

April 2021

The name of Rainer Hughes and the occasional mention of individual lawyers associated with our firm have been used in fraudulent scam emails, letters and phone calls.

As of April 2021, we have been notified of various social media and other communication platforms forwards, including attachments that stated false claims about the firm. The said forwards also mentioned details of certain lawyers, urging the recipients to agree upon the given false statements.

We urge readers to dismiss such links as these are projected by scammers, who seek remuneration in return for taking down the defamatory claims made against organisations.

We advise viewers to be vigilant as these groups attack individuals and organisations with defamatory claims to disrupt their reputation.

We have also been made aware of such parties masquerading Rainer Hughes, trying to divert or claim monetary compensation from our clients. Please note that we never change our client bank account details, so please be vigilant if anyone contacts and asks for a said amount to be transferred into a different bank account.

Please not that Rainer Hughes is in compliance with all the legal norms and practices in regulation with certified authorities. This firm and its lawyers have no involvement in these or any other scams. In addition, please note that we will never send you emails from services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

We recommend you delete these scam emails and disregard any reference that is not verified by us or is not from a genuine source. If you need to check with us if the communication is genuine, please contact us and we would be happy to look into the matter.