Rainer Hughes

Entrepreneurs and Investors

The importance of entrepreneurs and investors to the Global economy in an extensive way to show how the current market functions and fluctuates and how they play an important part in today's world.

At Rainer Hughes we have a complete suite of legal services to assist you, from the initial assessment and due-diligence – through to developing your company’s corporate structure – to eventually realising and exiting from the investments you make.

Private Equity

We advise individuals and organisations on their private equity investments.

Venture Capital

The Rainer Hughes team provides advice to venture capital investors and organisations.

Debt Funding and Security

Growing companies require effective forms of debt funding from investors.

Realising your Investment

The ultimate goal for investors is to successfully realise their investment.

Tax Advice for Investors

Award winning tax lawyers at Rainer Hughes are the key to ensuring your investments are structured to be as tax efficient as possible.

Contact our team today to receive clear and concise advice to help you grow as a business.

Key Contacts

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