Rainer Hughes

Corporate Crime

The legislation deems a company to be a legal entity and therefore it is capable of being prosecuted.

The prosecuting authorities in recent years are adopting a robust approach and bringing to bear the full force of criminal legislation against corporate offenders. This is being done with a belief that enforcement will have a deterrent effect upon unethical business practices. 

A corporate employer can be vicariously liable for the acts of its employees and agents.  Vicarious liability arises from offences of strict liability and therefore do not require the prosecution to prove intention, recklessness or negligence. Corporate entities are being targeted and their ethical business practices and integrity being damaged.

Business acumen coupled with specialist expertise ensures that our clients will receive the best possible advice, safeguarding businesses and integrity.

Key Experience

We act on behalf of high-profile individuals to contest Account Freezing Orders and Cash Forfeiture Orders.

Acted on numerous Drug Related Criminal matters, achieving successful outcome for clients.

Advised on a serious financial crime matter. Rainer Hughes was able to liaise with the relevant parties to agree upon a compromise that was a positive outcome for our client.

Acted on behalf of a high-profile and high net-worth individual to successfully contest Account Freezing Orders and Cash Forfeiture Orders.