Rainer Hughes

Corporate Manslaughter

Corporate Manslaughter is an offence under Section 1 of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 (‘the Act’).

This offence was created to capture the wrongdoings and failings of companies and other organisations, that result in fatal accidents and/or large-scale disasters. Other related areas include (and are not limited to) health and safety, and fire safety.

The penalty for corporate manslaughter is a fine. Not withstanding there is no limit to the fine imposed and it is wholly dependent upon the size of the business and the seriousness of the wrongdoing alleged. In addition, a sentencing judge may impose additional penalties. These are remedial orders by which a corporation must change its business practices and/or a publicity order which requires a business to publicise the facts of the wrongdoing and the subsequent conviction.

Such actions seek to derail businesses and the practice. We provide expert advice and seek the best resolution that will limit reputational damage and business disruption.

Key Experience

We act on behalf of high-profile individuals to contest Account Freezing Orders and Cash Forfeiture Orders.

Acted on numerous Drug Related Criminal matters, achieving successful outcome for clients.

Advised on a serious financial crime matter. Rainer Hughes was able to liaise with the relevant parties to agree upon a compromise that was a positive outcome for our client.

Acted on behalf of a high-profile and high net-worth individual to successfully contest Account Freezing Orders and Cash Forfeiture Orders.