Rainer Hughes

Minority Shareholders Action

Shareholders may have a legitimate expectation that they may be involved in the day-to-day running of the company.

However, this can be difficult for minority shareholders who do not have the voting power to direct how the company should be run and can find themselves excluded from the company or with concerns regarding the management of the business by the majority shareholders. In those circumstances, minority shareholders may have cause to bring a minority shareholders action under the Companies Act 2006.

Options for Minority Shareholders range from reviewing the financial affairs and documents of the company to acting to removing officers or even winding up a company. The action shareholders take must consider the interests of other shareholders and the company itself.

If you are minority shareholder and wish to consider what options you may have to deal with your concerns, please contact our Dispute Resolution team who will be happy to assist with the matter of concern.

Key Experience

Instructed on insolvency matters related to the recovery of money from directors of the liquidated company.

Rainer Hughes acted as a part of an international arbitration team on behalf of an international business.

Acted for a former footballer and current top premier league football agent for a disputed property matter.

Acted for a London based broker in relation to an FCA investigation (now FCA investigation).