Rainer Hughes

Shareholder And Director Disputes

Disputes between directors and shareholders are commonplace and arise for a number of reasons

This can include failures of individuals to comply with their obligations, performance issues relating to directors or breach of directors’ duties or minority shareholder disputes.

These kinds of disputes commonly arise in small, family-owned businesses where the directors and shareholders are often the same people. Disputes also arise in larger SME’s and Corporates.  Circumstances are often complicated by the fact that the parties involved may be shareholders, directors, and employees – or some combination of the three – and the various duties owed by each.

Where a director has breached their duties, the company may have a claim against them, and the ability to remove them as a director. Whether you are a director, and the company is threatening proceedings against you or a company with concerns regarding your directors’ conduct, we can help and offer expert advice.

Every shareholder dispute is unique and often matters are dealt with by agreement.   Where necessary resolution can be sought through the courts, where our teams experience and hard work will ultimately deliver the best result for our clients.

Key Experience

Instructed on insolvency matters related to the recovery of money from directors of the liquidated company.

Rainer Hughes acted as a part of an international arbitration team on behalf of an international business.

Acted for a former footballer and current top premier league football agent for a disputed property matter.

Acted for a London based broker in relation to an FCA investigation (now FCA investigation).