Rainer Hughes

Copyrights Solicitors

Expert Copyright Solicitors in the UK

In the dynamic landscape of intellectual property, copyright protection is more crucial than ever. At Rainer Hughes, we are a leading team of copyright solicitors in the UK, dedicated to safeguarding your creative and intellectual assets. Our expertise spans across various industries, ensuring your work is protected, enforced, and monetized according to the highest legal standards.

Why Choose Rainer Hughes for Copyright Law?

  1. Expertise across Sectors: Our experience covers a wide range of sectors including technology, advertising, arts, and construction, making us versatile and knowledgeable in diverse copyright issues.
  2. Proactive Litigation: We don’t just advise – we act. Our proactive approach in copyright litigation means we vigorously defend your rights in cases of infringement.
  3. Comprehensive Legal Solutions: From registration and negotiation to enforcement and litigation, we offer end-to-end services in all aspects of copyright law.
  4. Tailored Strategies: We understand that each client’s needs are unique. Our strategies are tailored to provide personalised solutions that align with your specific objectives.

Key Experience

Undertook trademark registrations for well-known and upcoming SME’s.

Instructed on matters concerning the consumer rights act. Actions relating to high value vehicles.

Advised start-ups regarding the various IP rights and particularly in design rights which could aid them or their business.

We actively draft and negotiate SaaS (Software as A Service) Agreements for National and International clients.