Rainer Hughes

Nerve Injuries

Rainer Hughes have helped clients recover damages across all areas of medicine.

Nerve damage often arises from surgical errors or malpractice. A surgeon miscalculating or accidentally damaging a nerve can have serious consequences.

The very nature of surgery means that a surgeon will often be working very close to nerve endings and any miscalculation or accident can cause damage that may have very serious consequences.

If you have suffered from nerve damage, Rainer Hughes are here to help you consider if you could make a claim for compensation.

Please feel free to contact Rainer Hughes to discuss your potential negligence claim further.

Key Experience

Acted on behalf of a family to obtain compensation following negligence by an NHS trust.

Obtained a settlement for an individual affected by failure on behalf of a cosmetic surgeon.

Acted for a family who was administered the incorrect medication which ultimately led to the loss of life.